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Configure twine without the login command

If you cannot use the login command to configure twine, you can use the ~/.pypirc file or environment variables. To use the ~/.pypirc file, add the following entries to it. The password must be an auth token acquired by the get-authorization-token API.

[distutils] index-servers = codeartifact [codeartifact] repository = password = auth-token username = aws

To use environment variables, do the following.


If you are accessing a repository in a domain that you own, you do not need to include the --domain-owner. For more information, see Cross-account domains.

export TWINE_USERNAME=aws export TWINE_PASSWORD=`aws codeartifact get-authorization-token --domain my_domain --domain-owner 111122223333 --query authorizationToken --output text` export TWINE_REPOSITORY_URL=`aws codeartifact get-repository-endpoint --domain my_domain --domain-owner 111122223333 --repository my_repo --format pypi --query repositoryEndpoint --output text`