Docker images provided by CodeBuild - AWS CodeBuild

Docker images provided by CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild manages the following Docker images that are available in the CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline consoles.

Platform Image identifier Definition
Amazon Linux 2 aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:3.0 al2/standard/3.0
Amazon Linux 2 aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:4.0 al2/standard/4.0
Amazon Linux 2 aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-aarch64-standard:1.0 al2/aarch64/standard/1.0
Amazon Linux 2 aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-aarch64-standard:2.0 al2/aarch64/standard/2.0
Ubuntu 18.04 aws/codebuild/standard:4.0 ubuntu/standard/4.0
Ubuntu 20.04 aws/codebuild/standard:5.0 ubuntu/standard/5.0
Ubuntu 22.04 aws/codebuild/standard:6.0 ubuntu/standard/6.0
Windows Server Core 2019 aws/codebuild/windows-base:2019-1.0 N/A
Windows Server Core 2019 aws/codebuild/windows-base:2019-2.0 N/A

The base image of the Windows Server Core 2019 platform is only available in the following regions:

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • US East (Ohio)

  • US West (Oregon)

  • Europe (Ireland)

CodeBuild frequently updates the list of Docker images. To get the most current list, do one of the following:

  • In the CodeBuild console, in the Create build project wizard or Edit Build Project page, for Environment image, choose Managed image. Choose from the Operating system, Runtime, and Runtime version drop-down lists. For more information, see Create a build project (console) or Change a build project's settings (console).

  • For the AWS CLI, run the list-curated-environment-images command:

    aws codebuild list-curated-environment-images
  • For the AWS SDKs, call the ListCuratedEnvironmentImages operation for your target programming language. For more information, see the AWS SDKs and tools reference.