AWS CodeBuild
User Guide (API Version 2016-10-06)

Use AWS CodeBuild with Jenkins

Jenkins is a continuous integration and continuous delivery application that you can use to build and test your software projects continuously. For more information, see Meet Jenkins on the Jenkins website.

At a functional level, there are two components to Jenkins: a scheduler that creates and runs your build jobs and a build platform, namely, a set of distributed build nodes. For more information, see Distributed builds on the Jenkins website.

The AWS CodeBuild Jenkins Plugin enables you to integrate AWS CodeBuild with your Jenkins build jobs. Instead of sending your build jobs to Jenkins build nodes, you use the plugin to send your build jobs to AWS CodeBuild. This eliminates the need for you to provision, configure, and manage Jenkins build nodes.

To get the plugin, download the aws-codebuild.hpi file. For instructions for installing, configuring, and running the plugin from within Jenkins, see the AWS CodeBuild CodeBuild Plugin page on the Jenkins website.