Specify test files - AWS CodeBuild

Specify test files

You specify the test result files and their location for each report group in the reports section of your build project's buildspec file. For more information, see Reports syntax in the buildspec file.

The following is a sample reports section that specifies two report groups for a build project. One is specified with its ARN, the other with a name. The files section specifies the files that contain the test case results. The optional base-directory section specifies the directory where the test case files are located. The optional discard-paths section specifies whether paths to test result files uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket are discarded.

reports: arn:aws:codebuild:your-region:your-aws-account-id:report-group/report-group-name-1: #surefire junit reports files: - '**/*' base-directory: 'surefire/target/surefire-reports' discard-paths: false sampleReportGroup: #Cucumber reports from json plugin files: - 'cucumber-json/target/cucumber-json-report.json' file-format: CUCUMBERJSON #Type of the report, defaults to JUNITXML