Multiple input sources and output artifacts sample - AWS CodeBuild

Multiple input sources and output artifacts sample

You can create an AWS CodeBuild build project with more than one input source and more than one set of output artifacts. This sample shows you how to set up a build project that:

  • Uses multiple sources and repositories of varying types.

  • Publishes build artifacts to multiple S3 buckets in a single build.

In this sample, you create a build project and use it to run a build. The sample uses the build project's buildspec file to show you how to incorporate more than one source and create more than one set of artifacts.

  1. Upload your sources to one or more S3 buckets, CodeCommit, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise Server, or Bitbucket repositories.

  2. Choose which source is the primary source. This is the source in which CodeBuild looks for and runs your buildspec file.

  3. Create a build project. For more information, see Create a build project in AWS CodeBuild.

  4. Create your build project, run the build, and get information about the build.

  5. If you use the AWS CLI to create the build project, the JSON-formatted input to the create-project command might look similar to the following:

    { "name": "sample-project", "source": { "type": "S3", "location": "<bucket/>" }, "secondarySources": [ { "type": "CODECOMMIT", "location": "", "sourceIdentifier": "source1" }, { "type": "GITHUB", "location": "", "sourceIdentifier": "source2" } ], "secondaryArtifacts": [ss { "type": "S3", "location": "<output-bucket>", "artifactIdentifier": "artifact1" }, { "type": "S3", "location": "<other-output-bucket>", "artifactIdentifier": "artifact2" } ], "environment": { "type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "image": "aws/codebuild/standard:5.0", "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL" }, "serviceRole": "arn:aws:iam::account-ID:role/role-name", "encryptionKey": "arn:aws:kms:region-ID:account-ID:key/key-ID" }

Your primary source is defined under the source attribute. All other sources are called secondary sources and appear under secondarySources. All secondary sources are installed in their own directory. This directory is stored in the built-in environment variable CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_sourceIdentifer. For more information, see Environment variables in build environments.

The secondaryArtifacts attribute contains a list of artifact definitions. These artifacts use the secondary-artifacts block of the buildspec file that is nested inside the artifacts block.

Secondary artifacts in the buildspec file have the same structure as artifacts and are separated by their artifact identifier.


In the CodeBuild API, the artifactIdentifier on a secondary artifact is a required attribute in CreateProject and UpdateProject. It must be used to reference a secondary artifact.

Using the preceding JSON-formatted input, the buildspec file for the project might look like:

version: 0.2 phases: install: runtime-versions: java: openjdk11 build: commands: - cd $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_source1 - touch file1 - cd $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_source2 - touch file2 artifacts: files: - '**.*' secondary-artifacts: artifact1: base-directory: $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_source1 files: - file1 artifact2: base-directory: $CODEBUILD_SRC_DIR_source2 files: - file2

You can override the version of the primary source using the API with the sourceVersion attribute in StartBuild. To override one or more secondary source versions, use the secondarySourceVersionOverride attribute.

The JSON-formatted input to the the start-build command in the AWS CLI might look like:

{ "projectName": "sample-project", "secondarySourcesVersionOverride": [ { "sourceIdentifier": "source1", "sourceVersion": "codecommit-branch" }, { "sourceIdentifier": "source2", "sourceVersion": "github-branch" }, ] }

Project without a source sample

You can configure a CodeBuild project by choosing the NO_SOURCE source type when you configure your source. When your source type is NO_SOURCE, you cannot specify a buildspec file because your project does not have a source. Instead, you must specify a YAML-formatted buildspec string in the buildspec attribute of the JSON-formatted input to the create-project CLI command. It might look like this:

{ "name": "project-name", "source": { "type": "NO_SOURCE", "buildspec": "version: 0.2\n\nphases:\n build:\n commands:\n - command" }, "environment": { "type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "image": "aws/codebuild/standard:5.0", "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL", }, "serviceRole": "arn:aws:iam::account-ID:role/role-name", "encryptionKey": "arn:aws:kms:region-ID:account-ID:key/key-ID" }

For more information, see Create a build project (AWS CLI).

To learn how to to create a pipeline that uses multiple source inputs to CodeBuild to create multiple output artifacts, see AWS CodePipeline integration with CodeBuild and multiple input sources and output artifacts sample .