Welcome - Amazon CodeCatalyst


Welcome to the Amazon CodeCatalyst API reference. This reference provides descriptions of operations and data types for Amazon CodeCatalyst. You can use the Amazon CodeCatalyst API to work with the following objects.

Dev Environments and the AWS Toolkits, by calling the following:

Security, activity, and resource management in Amazon CodeCatalyst, by calling the following:

  • DeleteAccessToken, which deletes a specified personal access token (PAT).

  • ListAccessTokens, which lists all personal access tokens (PATs) associated with a user.

  • ListEventLogs, which retrieves a list of events that occurred during a specified time period in a space.


If you are using the Amazon CodeCatalyst APIs with an SDK or the AWS CLI, you must configure your computer to work with Amazon CodeCatalyst and single sign-on (SSO). For more information, see Setting up to use the AWS CLI with Amazon CodeCatalyst and the SSO documentation for your SDK.

This document was last published on June 9, 2023.