Get information about multiple on-premises instances - AWS CodeDeploy

Get information about multiple on-premises instances

You can get information about on-premises instances by following the instructions in View CodeDeploydeployment details . You can use the AWS CLI or the CodeDeploy console to get more information about on-premises instances.

To get information about multiple on-premises instances (CLI)

  1. For a list of on-premises instance names, call the list-on-premises-instances command, specifying:

    • Whether to get information about all registered or deregistered on-premises instances (with the --registration-status option and Registered or Deregistered, respectively). If you omit this, then both registered and deregistered on-premises instance names are returned.

    • Whether to get information only about on-premises instances tagged with specific on-premises instance tags (with the --tag-filters option). For each on-premises instance tag, specify the Key, Value, and Type (which should always be KEY_AND_VALUE). Separate multiple on-premises instance tags with spaces between each Key, Value, and Type triplet.

    For example:

    aws deploy list-on-premises-instances --registration-status Registered --tag-filters Key=Name,Value=CodeDeployDemo-OnPrem,Type=KEY_AND_VALUE Key=Name,Value=CodeDeployDemo-OnPrem-Beta,Type=KEY_AND_VALUE
  2. For more detailed information, call the batch-get-on-premises-instances command, with the names of the on-premises instances (with the --instance-names option):

    aws deploy batch-get-on-premises-instances --instance-names AssetTag12010298EX AssetTag09920444EX

To get information about multiple on-premises instances (console)

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the CodeDeploy console at


    Sign in with the same account or IAM user information that you used in Getting started with CodeDeploy.

  2. In the navigation pane, expand Deploy, and choose On-premises instances.

    Information about the on-premises instances is displayed.