Remove a tag from a profiling group - Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Remove a tag from a profiling group

You can remove one or more tags associated with a profiling group. You can also change the name of the key, which is equivalent to removing the current tag and adding a different one with the new name and the same value as the other key. Removing a tag does not delete the tag from other AWS resources that are associated with that tag.


Removing tags for a profiling group can impact access to that profiling group. Before you remove a tag from a profiling group, make sure to review any IAM policies that might use the key or value for a tag to control access to resources such as profiling groups.

Remove a tag from a profiling group

You can use the CodeGuru Profiler console to remove the association between a tag and a profiling group.

  1. In Profiling groups, choose the name of the profiling group where you want to remove tags.

  2. Choose Actions. Choose Edit profiling group.

  3. Choose the Tags tab.

  4. Find the tag you want to remove, and then choose Remove.

  5. When you have finished removing tags, choose Save.