Easier option for Java 8 (Corretto) and Java 11 (Corretto) Runtime - Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Easier option for Java 8 (Corretto) and Java 11 (Corretto) Runtime

You can enable CodeGuru Profiler from the AWS console by setting environment variables and updating configuration for your AWS Lambda function. This method works for Java 8 (Corretto) and Java 11 Runtime.

If you're profiling applications that run on Lambda, set the following environment variables to your Lambda function.

  • AWS_CODEGURU_PROFILER_GROUP_NAME – Identifies the profiling group name.

  • AWS_CODEGURU_PROFILER_TARGET_REGION – Identifies the target region of the profiling group.

  • AWS_CODEGURU_PROFILER_HEAP_SUMMARY_ENABLED – Optional. Set this variable to true to enable heap summary. The default is false.

  • JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS – Set this variable to -javaagent:/opt/codeguru-profiler-java-agent-standalone.jar.

For information about setting environment variables in the AWS Lambda console, see Using AWS Lambda environment variables.

Add a layer to your Lambda function using the following layer ARN. For more information on Lambda layers, see AWS Lambda Layers.


For example, if your Lambda function is in Region us-east-1, then the ARN would be the following.


The CodeGuru Profiler heap summary is an optional feature that shows your application's heap usage over time. For more information on the heap summary, see Understanding the heap summary.

Your Lambda function runs normally with the CodeGuru Profiler agent running in parallel. The agent submits your first profile after running for a total of 5 minutes. Processing can take up to 15 minutes.