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AWS AppConfig

AWS AppConfig is a capability of AWS Systems Manager. AppConfig supports controlled deployments to applications of any size and includes built-in validation checks and monitoring. You can use AppConfig with applications hosted on Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, containers, mobile applications, or IoT devices.

The AppConfig deploy action is an AWS CodePipeline action that deploys configurations stored in your pipeline source location to a specified AppConfig application, environment, and configuration profile. It uses the preferences defined in an AppConfig deployment strategy.

Action type

  • Category: Deploy

  • Owner: AWS

  • Provider: AppConfig

  • Version: 1

Configuration parameters


Required: Yes

The ID of the AWS AppConfig application with the details for your configuration and deployment.


Required: Yes

The ID of the AWS AppConfig environment where the configuration is deployed.


Required: Yes

The ID of the AWS AppConfig configuration profile to deploy.


Required: Yes

The file path of the configuration data within the input artifact to deploy.


Required: No

The AWS AppConfig deployment strategy to use for deployment.

Input artifacts

  • Number of artifacts: 1

  • Description: The input artifact for the deploy action.

Output artifacts

Not applicable.

Example action configuration

name: Deploy actions: - name: Deploy actionTypeId: category: Deploy owner: AWS provider: AppConfig version: '1' runOrder: 1 configuration: Application: 2s2qv57 ConfigurationProfile: PvjrpU DeploymentStrategy: frqt7ir Environment: 9tm27yd InputArtifactConfigurationPath: / outputArtifacts: [] inputArtifacts: - name: SourceArtifact region: us-west-2 namespace: DeployVariables
{ "name": "Deploy", "actions": [ { "name": "Deploy", "actionTypeId": { "category": "Deploy", "owner": "AWS", "provider": "AppConfig", "version": "1" }, "runOrder": 1, "configuration": { "Application": "2s2qv57", "ConfigurationProfile": "PvjrpU", "DeploymentStrategy": "frqt7ir", "Environment": "9tm27yd", "InputArtifactConfigurationPath": "/" }, "outputArtifacts": [], "inputArtifacts": [ { "name": "SourceArtifact" } ], "region": "us-west-2", "namespace": "DeployVariables" } ] }

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