View pipeline details and history (CLI) - AWS CodePipeline

View pipeline details and history (CLI)

You can run the following commands to view details about your pipelines and pipeline executions:

  • list-pipelines command to view a summary of all of the pipelines associated with your AWS account.

  • get-pipeline command to review details of a single pipeline.

  • list-pipeline-executions to view summaries of the most recent executions for a pipeline.

  • get-pipeline-execution to view information about an execution of a pipeline, including details about artifacts, the pipeline execution ID, and the name, version, and status of the pipeline.

  • get-pipeline-state command to view pipeline, stage, and action status.

  • list-action-executions to view action execution details for a pipeline.

    1. Open a terminal (Linux, macOS, or Unix) or command prompt (Windows) and use the AWS CLI to run the list-pipelines command:

      aws codepipeline list-pipelines

      This command returns a list of all of the pipelines associated with your AWS account.

    2. To view details about a pipeline, run the get-pipeline command, specifying the unique name of the pipeline. For example, to view details about a pipeline named MyFirstPipeline, enter the following:

      aws codepipeline get-pipeline --name MyFirstPipeline

      This command returns the structure of the pipeline.