Getting started - CodeWhisperer

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Getting started


The fastest way to get started with CodeWhisperer is by using CodeWhisperer for individual developers with VS Code or JetBrains.

If you are already logged into the AWS console, you can also get started quickly using CodeWhisperer with AWS Cloud9.

Here is an example of CodeWhisperer working in AWS Cloud9, using comment completion, single-line completion, line-by-line recommendations, and function completion.

An example of a function generated from a comment.

The following sections describe how to set up CodeWhisperer for use with each of four possible IDEs: AWS Toolkit for JetBrains, AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, Lambda, and AWS Cloud9.

With Lambda and AWS Cloud9, the setup simply involves activating CodeWhisperer within the IDE.

If you are using CodeWhisperer, on behalf of your organization, with VS Code or JetBrains, then you are using CodeWhisperer Professional. In that case, administrators at your organization must complete additional steps before you can start coding. For more information, see Setting up Amazon CodeWhisperer for administrators.

If you are using CodeWhisperer, on your own behalf, with VS Code or JetBrains, then you are using CodeWhisperer Individual. In that case, you can go directly to Getting started with CodeWhisperer in VS Code and JetBrains.