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Setting up Amazon CodeWhisperer for administrators

This section describes the setup procedures that are necessary before a developer can use CodeWhisperer Professional.

In this context, a professional developer is a developer who works for a business (enterprise) that has an AWS account.

Here is a summary of the procedures described on this page. If you are a regular AWS user, then you may have already completed one or more of these procedures in connection with another AWS service.

  • The root user comes built-in with your AWS account.

  • The root user creates the permission set for the AWS Organizations administrator.

  • The root user adds that permission set to the Organizations administrator.

  • The Organizations administrator adds users.

  • The Organizations administrator authorizes the CodeWhisperer administrator to manage CodeWhisperer.

  • The CodeWhisperer administrator authorizes the enterprise developers to use CodeWhisperer.

For more information about the different personas that may use CodeWhisperer see Types of users for CodeWhisperer.