UserAttributeUpdateSettingsType - Amazon Cognito User Pools


The settings for updates to user attributes. These settings include the property AttributesRequireVerificationBeforeUpdate, a user-pool setting that tells Amazon Cognito how to handle changes to the value of your users' email address and phone number attributes. For more information, see Verifying updates to email addresses and phone numbers.



Requires that your user verifies their email address, phone number, or both before Amazon Cognito updates the value of that attribute. When you update a user attribute that has this option activated, Amazon Cognito sends a verification message to the new phone number or email address. Amazon Cognito doesn’t change the value of the attribute until your user responds to the verification message and confirms the new value.

You can verify an updated email address or phone number with a VerifyUserAttribute API request. You can also call the AdminUpdateUserAttributes API and set email_verified or phone_number_verified to true.

When AttributesRequireVerificationBeforeUpdate is false, your user pool doesn't require that your users verify attribute changes before Amazon Cognito updates them. In a user pool where AttributesRequireVerificationBeforeUpdate is false, API operations that change attribute values can immediately update a user’s email or phone_number attribute.

Type: Array of strings

Valid Values: phone_number | email

Required: No

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