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Using the Amazon Cognito domain for the hosted UI

After setting up an app client, you can configure the address for your sign-up and sign-in webpages. You can use the hosted Amazon Cognito domain with your own domain prefix.

To add an app client and an Amazon Cognito hosted domain with the AWS Management Console, see Adding an app to enable the hosted web UI.


Before you begin, you need:

Step 1: Configure a hosted user pool domain

You can use either the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI or API to configure a user pool domain.

Original console
Configure a domain
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Cognito console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Manage your User Pools, and choose the user pool you want to edit.

  3. Choose the Domain name tab.

  4. Type the domain prefix you want to use in the Prefix domain name box.

  5. Choose Check availability to confirm that the domain prefix is available.

  6. Choose Save changes.

New console
Configure a domain
  1. Navigate to the App integration tab for your user pool.

  2. Next to Domain, choose Actions and select Create custom domain or Create Cognito domain. If you have already configured a user pool domain, choose Delete Cognito domain or Delete custom domain before creating your new custom domain.

  3. Enter an available domain prefix to use with a Cognito domain. For information on setting up a Custom domain, see Using your own Domain for the hosted UI

  4. Choose Create.


Use the following commands to create a domain prefix and assign it to your user pool.

To configure a user pool domain
  • AWS CLI: aws cognito-idp create-user-pool-domain

    Example: aws cognito-idp create-user-pool-domain --user-pool-id <user_pool_id> --domain <domain_name>

  • AWS API: CreateUserPoolDomain

To get information about a domain
  • AWS CLI: aws cognito-idp describe-user-pool-domain

    Example: aws cognito-idp describe-user-pool-domain --domain <domain_name>

  • AWS API: DescribeUserPoolDomain

To delete a domain
  • AWS CLI: aws cognito-idp delete-user-pool-domain

    Example: aws cognito-idp delete-user-pool-domain --domain <domain_name>

  • AWS API: DeleteUserPoolDomain

Step 2: Verify your sign-in page

  • Verify that the sign-in page is available from your Amazon Cognito hosted domain.


Your domain is shown on the Domain name page of the Amazon Cognito console. Your app client ID and callback URL are shown on the App client settings page.