Amazon Cognito
Developer Guide

Adding Resource Servers for Your User Pool


The Resource Servers tab appears only when you're editing an existing user pool.

A resource server is a server for access-protected resources. It handles authenticated requests from an app that has an access token. A scope is a level of access that an app can request to a resource.

In the Resource Servers tab, you can define custom resource servers and scopes for your user pool. For more information, see Defining Resource Servers for Your User Pool.

To define a custom resource server

  1. Choose Add a resource server.

  2. Enter the name of your resource server, for example, Photo Server.

  3. Enter the identifier of your resource server, for example,

  4. Enter the names of the custom scopes for your resources, such as read and write.

  5. For each of the scope names, enter a description, such as view your photos and update your photos.

Each of the custom scopes that you define appears on the App client settings tab, under OAuth2.0 Allowed Custom Scopes; for example