LambdaFunctionRecommendationFilter - AWS Compute Optimizer


Describes a filter that returns a more specific list of AWS Lambda function recommendations. Use this filter with the GetLambdaFunctionRecommendations action.

You can use EBSFilter with the GetEBSVolumeRecommendations action, JobFilter with the DescribeRecommendationExportJobs action, and Filter with the GetAutoScalingGroupRecommendations and GetEC2InstanceRecommendations actions.



The name of the filter.

Specify Finding to return recommendations with a specific finding classification (for example, NotOptimized).

Specify FindingReasonCode to return recommendations with a specific finding reason code (for example, MemoryUnderprovisioned).

Type: String

Valid Values: Finding | FindingReasonCode

Required: No


The value of the filter.

The valid values for this parameter are as follows, depending on what you specify for the name parameter:

  • Specify Optimized, NotOptimized, or Unavailable if you specify the name parameter as Finding.

  • Specify MemoryOverprovisioned, MemoryUnderprovisioned, InsufficientData, or Inconclusive if you specify the name parameter as FindingReasonCode.

Type: Array of strings

Required: No

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