CreateCase - Amazon Connect


Creates a new keystone case from an existing case template. Customers can select fields for the template. Some fields are required, and those are preloaded into a side sheet. Customers can also set values for the fields. These fields are predefined in the keystone instance by customers. Customers can optionally link a contact to a new case.

Parameter object

"Parameters": { "LinkContactToCase": "true" or "false", If set to true, cases will open automatically when the agent accepts the contact. "CaseTemplateId": A templateId aligned with the existing case templateName "CaseRequestFields": An optional map of case fields to be set. Keys should be fields from Cases domain. Values can be static or dynamic. }

Results and conditions



  • ContactNotLinked - If you specify to link the contact to case, then this error branch will appear. It might be that the contact was not linked after the case is retrieved (partial success/partial failure). If this happens, then the flow will follow this branch.

  • NoMatchingError - An error was encountered while trying to find the case. This may be due to a system error or how CreateCase is configured.


None. This can be used in any type of flow and any channel.

Corresponding block in the UI

Flow block: Cases