About queued callbacks in metrics - Amazon Connect

About queued callbacks in metrics

This topic explains how queued callbacks appear in your real-time metrics reports and the contact record.


To see only the number of customers who are waiting for a call back, you need to create a queue that only takes callback contacts. To learn how to do this, see Set up routing. Currently there isn't a way to see the phone numbers of the contacts waiting for callbacks.

  1. Callbacks are initiated when the Transfer to queue block is triggered to create the callback in a callback queue.

  2. After any initial delay is applied, the callback is put into the queue. It remains there until an agent is available and can be offered the contact.

  3. When the callback is connected to the agent, a new contact record is created for the contact.

  4. The Initiation Timestamp in the callback contact record corresponds to when the callback is initiated in the flow, shown in step 1.

How properties in the Transfer to Queue block affect this flow

The Transfer to queue block has the following properties, which affect how Amazon Connect handles the callback:

  • Initial delay: This property affects when a callback is put in queue. Specify how much time has to pass between a callback contact being initiated in the flow, and the customer being put in queue for the next available agent. For more information, see How Initial delay affects Scheduled and In queue metrics.

  • Maximum number of retries: If this is set to 2, then Amazon Connect tries to call the customer at most three times: the initial callback, and two retries.

  • Minimum time between attempts: If the customer doesn't answer the phone, this is how long to wait before trying again.