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Analyze conversations using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect enables you to analyze conversations between customer and agents, by using speech transcription, natural language processing, and intelligent search capabilities. It performs sentiment analysis, detects issues, and enables you to automatically categorize contacts.

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect provides both real-time and post-call analytics of customer-agent conversations.

  • Real-time analytics: Use to detect and resolve customer issues more proactively while the call is progress. For example, it can analyze and alert you when a customer is getting frustrated because the agent is unable to resolve a complicated problem. This allows you to provide assistance proactively.

  • Post-call analytics: Use to understand trends of customer conversations, and agent compliance. This helps you identify opportunities to coach an agent after the call.

To protect your customer's privacy, sensitive data such as name, address, and credit card information, can be redacted from transcripts and audio recordings.

The results of the sentiment analysis appear in the customer's contact record. The following image shows a sample contact record.

  1. This section displays a summary of speech analytics.

  2. The Categories section list the categories that have been set up.

  3. The Recording section provides controls you can use to listen to an audio recording of the contact.

  4. The Transcript section enables you to review a summary of the transcript with the issue, action, and outcome highlighted.