Use contact attributes to autopopulate customer profiles - Amazon Connect

Use contact attributes to autopopulate customer profiles

By default, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles uses the following values to search for and autopopulate a customer profile in its user interface:

  • For voice contacts: Phone number

  • For chat contacts: Email

It autopopulates a customer profile by using the Customer Profiles flow block. To customize this behavior, use the following contact attributes:




JSONPath Reference


The name of the attribute you want to use to search for a profile.


Not applicable


The value of the key you want to search for, such as customer name or account number.


Not applicable

For example, to search by email for chat contacts, you can set the profileSearchKey attribute to the _email search key, and provide the email value as the profileSearchValue.

If you have defined custom keys in your profile objects, you can search by those search keys as well. To make sure your custom keys are searchable, see Key definition details.

The following image shows how you might use these attributes in the Set contact attributes block.

The properties page of the set contact attributes block.

Automatically associate a customer profile with a contact

By default, agents need to manually associate a customer profile with a contact based after they've verified the customer's identity. To change this behavior to automatically associate contacts with a profile based on the phone number, see Automatically associate the Contact Record with one profile found using the _phone key.

If multiple profiles match a contact's phone number, the multiple matched profiles are shown to the agent. The agent needs to choose which profile to associate with the contact.