Make a call while on a chat - Amazon Connect

Make a call while on a chat

Let's say you're chatting with a contact and you want to consult with someone else. While you're on a chat, you can use the updated CCP to make outbound calls using the dial pad and external quick connects.

Note the following limitations:

  • You can't access agent quick connects while you're on a chat.

  • Agents can't receive calls while on a chat.

To make an external call while you're on a chat

  1. In the CCP, choose the phone tab.

  2. Choose Number pad.

  3. Enter the external number you want to call, and then choose Call.

  4. You'll be connected to the call at the same time the chat is still ongoing, as shown in the following image.

  5. To go to the chat conversation while you're on the phone, choose the chat tab.

  6. To end the phone conversation, choose the phone tab, choose End call, and then choose Clear contact. You're still connected to the chat conversation.

Can't make outbound call to another agent

If you're on a chat and having trouble making an outbound call to another agent, that agent may be handling a chat conversation. They can't receive a call while on a chat.

Can't see external quick connects in the CCP

Agent quick connects are not visible in the CCP while you're on a chat.

If you can't see external quick connects in your CCP, however, check that the external quick connect has been added to your queue as described in Step 2: Enable agents to see quick connects.

Enable agent quick connects for calls during a chat

To enable agents to consult over the phone with each other while they are on chats, your Amazon Connect administrator needs to set up a direct dial number (DID) that routes to the agent. This configuration incurs additional costs.