Create a security profile - Amazon Connect

Create a security profile

Creating a security profile enables you to grant your users only the permissions that they need.

For each permission group, there is a set of resources and supported set of actions. For example, users are part of the Users and permissions group, which supports the following actions: view, edit, create, remove, enable/disable, and edit permission.

Some actions depend on other actions. When you choose an action that depends on another action, the dependent action is automatically chosen and must also be granted. For example, if you add permission to edit users, we also add permission to view users.

Required permissions to create security profiles

Before you can create a new security profile, you must be logged in with an Amazon Connect account that has the following permissions: Security profiles - Create.

By default, the Amazon Connect Admin security profile has these permissions.

How to create security profiles

  1. Log in to your contact center at https://instance

  2. Choose Users, Security profiles.

  3. Choose Add new security profile.

  4. Type a name and description for the security profile.

  5. Choose the appropriate permissions for the security profile from each permission group. For each permission type, choose one or more actions. Selecting some actions results in other actions being selected. For example, selecting Edit also selects View for the resource and any dependent resources.

  6. Choose Save.