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Create time off

Create a time off request

  1. Supervisors or managers can go to the Published schedule calendar view, choose the floating icon on the bottom left and create a time off request. The request drawer will open on the right.

  2. Select Staff and the time off Type. To select a time off range, you can either select All day or select specific start and end date times. Select Override time off rules if you wish to override the system and allow time off while dismissing group allowance and other rules specified in Staff, Staffing Group or Shift profile rules. Enter a Reason and choose Request.

  3. The request will enter a pending state to allow the system to analyze existing rules (even thought rules checks are overridden) and will display a list of any rule failures.

  4. The agent will see the pending request in their schedule UI and will receive an in-app notification next to the Request icon which displays as an inbox icon at the top right above the metrics view. This allows the agent to view the request details under the Time off tab.

  5. Once the rules validation completes, the time off request status of Approved or Rejected will be displayed in both the agent and supervisor views.