Enable step-by-step guides - Amazon Connect

Enable step-by-step guides

The following steps allow you to provide your users with the ability to create guided experiences, and allow agents to interact with the experiences.

  1. Enable admins to create visual flow

    Assign managers and business analysts to the Channels and flows - Views security profile permission, as shown in the following image. This permission grants them the ability to configure step-by-step guides in flows.

    Since guides are created using flows, also assign the Flows - Edit, Create permissions so that they can create any type of flow.

                        The Security profile permissions page, the Numbers and flows
                            section, the flows and views permissions.
  2. Enable agents to view guides

    Assign the Agent Applications - Custom views permission to agents. This enables them to see step-by-step guides in their agent workspace.

                        The Security profile permissions page, the agent applications
                            section, the custom views permission
  3. Increase your service quota for concurrent active chats per instance

    The workflows that agents interact with run as chat contacts in Amazon Connect. We recommend that you increase your concurrent active chats per instance quota by the number of concurrent contacts you expect to have this feature enabled for.

    For more information about quotas, see Amazon Connect quotas.


    Disconnect flow workflows count as their own contacts, so if you are setting both a DefaultFlowID and DisconnectFlowID, they will be counted as two active contacts.