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Administrator Guide

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Amazon Connect Service Limits

The following table provides the default limits for new Amazon Connect instances. Because the limits have been adjusted over time, the limits in place for your account may be different than the limits described here. There may even be differences between the instances created for your account. For example, if you created an instance when the default limit for concurrent active calls was 10, the limit is 10 concurrent active calls. If you create a new instance today, the limit for the instance is 100 concurrent active calls. For API request limits, see Amazon Connect API Throttling Limits

To start, you can create five instances per AWS account in each of AWS Regions where Amazon Connect is available. If you need more instances, or a change to a service limit, request a change using the Amazon Connect service limits increase form. You must be signed in to your AWS account to access the form.

Use the same form to submit a request to port your US phone number from your current carrier to Amazon Connect. For more information about porting phone numbers, see Port Your Current Phone Number.

There is also a service limit for the countries to which you can place outbound calls from your instance. If you already have an instance, the countries that you are allowed to call may be different that those listed in the following table because we have changed the service limits over time. You can submit a service limit increase request to allow calling to additional countries, or to limit the countries that you can call from your instance.


Amazon Connect is not available to customers in India using Amazon Web Services through Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL). You will receive an error message if you try to create an instance in Amazon Connect.

Item Default limit

Amazon Connect instances per account


Users per instance


Phone numbers per instance


Queues per instance


Queues per routing profile


Routing profiles per instance


Hours of operation per instance


Quick connects per instance


Prompts per instance


Agent status per instance


This limit cannot be increased.

Security profiles per instance


Contact flows per instance


Agent hierarchy groups per instance


Reports per instance


Personal saved reports count towards the reports per instance. For example, if one of your supervisors saves a report every day, it will count towards your overall number of saved reports per instance.

As a best practice, we recommend you implement policies that support good hygiene so reports don't pile up.

Scheduled reports per instance


Lambda functions

35 functions per Amazon Connect instance

Amazon Lex bots

50 Amazon Lex bots per Amazon Connect instance

Concurrent active calls per instance

100. If this is exceeded, contacts will get a reorder tone (aka fast busy tone), which indicates no transmission path to the called number is available.

Phone Number Porting

You can port your US phone numbers from your current carrier to Amazon Connect. For information about how to port your phone number, see Port Your Current Phone Number.

Country code allow list for Outbound Calls

You can place calls to the following dialing codes when you create a new instance:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • China

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong

  • Israel

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • Singapore

  • Sweden

  • United States

  • United Kingdom †

† UK numbers with a 447 prefix are not allowed by default. Before you can dial these UK mobile numbers, you must submit a service limit increase request.

Amazon Connect API Throttling Limits

Amazon Connect throttling limits are by account, not by user and not by instance. For example:

  • If different IAM users from the same account make requests, they are sharing a throttle bucket.

  • If multiple requests are sent from different instances from the same account, they are also sharing a throttle bucket.

When you use the Amazon Connect API, the number of requests per second is limited to the following:

  • For the GetMetricData and GetCurrentMetricData operations, a RateLimit of 5 requests per second, and a BurstLimit of 8 requests per second.

  • For all other operations, a RateLimit of 2 requests per second, and a BurstLimit of 5 requests per second.