How long does it take to port numbers? - Amazon Connect

How long does it take to port numbers?


Open a porting request as far in advance of your pending go-live date as possible.

The amount of time that it takes to port numbers depends on the country, complexity of the request, the type and quantity of numbers being ported, and your current carrier. Telecom carriers also may implement porting block days because of holidays and network maintenance. Because of this, Amazon Connect requires porting requests to be open several months before pending go-live dates.

Inside the US and Canada

Phone numbers in the US or Canada typically take between two to four weeks to port, after phone number portability has been verified, and all required documents are correctly submitted to the carrier.

Outside the US and Canada

Phone numbers outside the US and Canada require between two to six months to complete the full porting process. This includes:

  • Time for you to submit all the documents to AWS Support.

  • Time for the Amazon Connect service provider to verify whether they can port all of the phone numbers that you have requested.

  • Time for the losing provider to verify the provided documents.

After all documents are verified by the losing provider, the losing provider and the Amazon Connect service provider will schedule a mutually agreed date to port the numbers to Amazon Connect.

What affects porting timelines?

Porting timelines can be negatively impacted when incorrect information is provided on the required Letter of Authorization (LOA). This causes the LOA to be rejected and resets the porting timelines.

Port many numbers over multiple countries or carriers

Complex porting requests have their own timelines. The timelines discussed elsewhere in this topic do not apply to complex porting requests.

Complex porting requests for more than 10 distinct number ranges or 10 distinct locations are considered a project and require advanced coordination with your AWS Account team. If you are a Business or Enterprise customer, engage your Amazon Connect Solutions Architect (SA) or Technical Account Manager (TAM) for assistance in planning your number porting.

To help make the process as smooth as possible, gather the following information before submitting a porting request:

  • Your most recent telephony bill from the carriers that currently service the numbers to be ported.

  • The country specific documentation required; see Region requirements for ordering and porting phone numbers.

  • The contact information for a central point of contact who can act on behalf of your organization in support of the porting requests.

Can I choose the port date?

Depending on the country and carriers involved, you may be able to choose the porting date and time. In most cases, however, the losing carrier picks the date and time and communicates it to Amazon Connect based on their schedule.

If you have a specific date and time you want to request, provide the information in your support case. We will work with our carrier to determine if they can support the requested date and time.


Most carriers only support porting activity during their normal business hours. For detailed information about available porting dates and times for your country, see Region requirements for ordering and porting phone numbers.