How to invoke a guide at the start of a contact - Amazon Connect

How to invoke a guide at the start of a contact

After you've created your flows, you will be able to dynamically determine which ones to surface by setting the DefaultFlowForAgentUI event hook in your flows using the Set event flow block.

Guides start as soon as the contact is offered to the agent. They don't wait for the contact to be accepted. We recommend that you do not set guides in the Agent whisper flow; choose another flow instead.

For example, by checking the IVR responses, queue name, and customer info, you can create branching logic in flows that determines which flow ID to set. Use the Check attribute block to set your conditional logic and the Set event flow block to set the flow you want to send to your agent.

The following image shows the Properties page for the Set event flow block. Event hook is set to Default flow for Agent UI.

The properties page of the Set contact attributes block.