Launch the CCP - Amazon Connect

Launch the CCP

The URL to launch the CCP is:

  • https://instance

Where instance name is provided by your IT department or whoever set up Amazon Connect for your business. The following image shows an example URL for the CCP.

The contact control panel, the URL.

With this updated CCP, your agents can manage voice, chat, and tasks from this single interface.

As the administrator, you can also launch the CCP directly from the Amazon Connect console. Just choose the phone icon in the upper right corner.

To provide agents the ability to launch the CCP from their desktop and start handling contacts, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Add agents as users to the instance. For more information, see Manage users in Amazon Connect.

  • Configure permissions for the agents. By default, agents assigned to the Agent security profile can access the CCP and make outbound calls. But you can create a custom security profile and add additional permissions. For more information, see Security profiles.

  • Give agents the URL the CCP.

  • Provide agents with their user name and password so that they can log in to the CCP.

We recommend telling agents to bookmark the URL to the CCP for more convenient access.

Agents can use the CCP with a softphone on their computer, or a desk phone. If they're using a softphone, they must use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox for their web browser. For more information, see Grant microphone access in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.


If you see the Session expired message while logging in, you probably just need to refresh the session token. Go to your identity provider and log in. Refresh the Amazon Connect page. If you still get this message, contact your IT team.