Pass the customer display name when a chat initializes - Amazon Connect

Pass the customer display name when a chat initializes

To deliver a more personalized experience for both your customers and agents, you can customize the Amazon Connect communications widget to pass the customer display name during contact initialization. The name is visible to both the customer and agent throughout the chat interaction. This display name is recorded in the chat transcript.

The following images show the customer's display name in their chat experience, and their name in the agent's CCP.

                The customer's name in their chat experience, the customer's name in the
                    agent's CCP.
  1. How the customer display name may appear to the customer using the chat user interface.

  2. How the customer display name may appear to the agent using the CCP.

How to pass a customer display name in the communications widget

To pass a customer display name, implement your callback function in the snippet. Amazon Connect retrieves the display name automatically.

  1. Complete the steps in Add a chat user interface to your website, if you haven't already.

  2. Augment your existing widget snippet to add a customerDisplayName callback. It might look something like the following example:

    amazon_connect(‘customerDisplayName’, function(callback) { const displayName = ‘Jane Doe’; callback(displayName); });

    The important thing is that the name is passed to callback(name).

Things you need to know

  • Only one customerDisplayName function can exist at a time.

  • The customer display name must follow the limitations set by the StartChatConnect API. That is, the name must be a string between 1 and 256 characters.

  • An empty string, null, or undefined is invalid input for the display name. To protect against accidentally passing of these inputs, the widget logs an error, Invalid customerDisplayName provided, in the browser console, and then starts the chat with the default display name, Customer.

  • Because the snippet is in the front end of your website, do not pass sensitive data as the display name. Be sure to follow the appropriate security practices to keep your data safe and protect against attacks and bad actors.