Add quick responses for use with chat contacts - Amazon Connect

Add quick responses for use with chat contacts

This topic explains how to add a quick response by using the Amazon Connect admin website. To create a quick response programmatically, see CreateQuickResponse in the Amazon Q in Connect API Reference.

To add responses
  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect admin website at https://instance Use an Admin account, or an account assigned to a security profile that has Content Management - Quick responses - Create permission.

  2. On the navigation bar, choose Agent applications, then Quick responses.

      Menu showing "Agent applications" and "Quick responses."
  3. On the Quick responses page, choose Add response.


    If the Add response button isn't available, sign in with an account that has the admin security profile, or ask another admin for help.

  4. On the Add response page, enter a name, description, and shortcut key for the quick response. You must enter a unique name and shortcut key because agents will search on those values.

  5. Open the Routing profiles list and select one or more profiles. You can select a maximum of 50 profiles, or choose All. Only the agents assigned to a given profile can see the quick responses associated with that profile.

  6. (Optional) Choose Activate: Make this response visible for agents if you want agents to see and search for the response.

  7. In the Content section, enter the response, then choose Save.


If you configured user-defined attributes in the flow block, those attributes, such as customer name, appear when an agent searches for a response in CCP. For more information, see Set contact attributes.