Sample Lambda integration - Amazon Connect

Sample Lambda integration

Type: Contact flow (inbound)

This contact flow shows you how to invoke a Lambda function and do a data dip, that is, retrieve information about the customer. The data dip uses the caller's phone number to look up the US state they are calling from. If the customer is using chat, it returns a fun fact. Here's how it works:

  1. A prompt tells the customer that a data dip is being performed.

  2. The Invoke Lambda function block triggers sampleLambdaFlowFunction. This sample Lambda function determines the location of the phone number. The function times out in 4 seconds. If it times out, it plays a prompt that says "Sorry, we failed to find the state for your phone number's area code."

  3. In the first Check contact attributes block, it checks the channel the customer is using: voice, chat, task. If chat, it returns a fun fact.

  4. If voice, the second Check contact attributes block is triggered. It checks the match conditions of State, which is an external attribute. It uses an external contact attribute because it's getting data by using a process that's external to Amazon Connect

  5. A prompt tells you that it's returning you back to Sample inbound flow, and then starts the Transfer flow block.

  6. If the transfer fails, it plays a prompt and then disconnects the contact.

For more information about using attributes, see Lambda functions and attributes.