Sample contact flows - Amazon Connect

Sample contact flows

Amazon Connect includes a set of sample contact flows that show you how to perform common functions. They are designed to help you learn how to create your own contact flows that work in a similar way. For example, if you want to add a queued callback flow to your call center, take a look at the Sample queued callback flow.

To explore how the sample flows work

  1. Claim a number if you haven't already: go to Routing, Phone numbers, Claim a number.

  2. Choose the DID tab, then choose a number.

  3. In Contact flow / IVR use the drop down to choose the sample contact flow you want to try. Click Save.

  4. Call the number. The sample contact flow that you selected starts.

    We recommend opening the sample contact flow in the contact flow designer and following along to see how it works while you're experiencing it.

To open a sample flow in the contact flow designer

  1. In Amazon Connect choose Routing, Contact flows.

  2. On the Contact flows page, scroll down to the flows with names that start with Sample.

  3. Choose the flow you want to view.

The topics in this section describe how each of the sample contact flows work.