Transfer calls to a quick connect or external phone number - Amazon Connect

Transfer calls to a quick connect or external phone number

You can transfer calls to people in a predefined list, called quick connects. You can also transfer calls to external phone numbers that you enter.

To transfer to a quick connect or to an external number
  1. While you're connected to the contact, choose Quick connects on the CCP.

  2. From the list of quick connects, choose the name of another agent to transfer the call to. (Your Amazon Connect administrator adds the names of agents to the list of quick connects.)

    Or, to call an external number, choose Number pad, enter the number you want to call, and then choose Call.

  3. After the call is connected to the transfer destination, you can choose Join so the caller, the transfer destination, and you are in a conference call.

  4. When the call is joined, the three of you can talk. Choose Leave to complete the transfer and exit the call.

  5. Complete the after contact work and then choose Clear contact.

Manage transfer a call

After you initiate a transfer, the customer is placed on hold and you are connected to the transfer destination. The following image shows what actions you can take at this point.