Transfer Calls - Amazon Connect

Transfer Calls

You can transfer calls to people in a predefined list, called quick connects. You can also transfer calls to phone numbers that you dial.

Initiate a Quick Connect Transfer

To transfer a call to a predefined destination

  1. Choose the Quick Connect button on the CCP.

  2. Select another agent to transfer the call to, or enter a number.

  3. After the call is connected, you can choose Join so you, the caller, and the transfer destination are in a conference call.

  4. When the call is joined, you'll have the option to choose Leave to exit the call.

Initiate a Manual Transfer

  1. Transfer a call to a phone number by choosing Number pad.

  2. Enter the number you want and choose Call.

Manage Transfer a Call

After the transfer has been initiated, the customer is placed on hold and you'll be connected to the transfer destination.