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About contact states

Contact states appear in two places: the real-time metrics reports and the agent event stream.

Contact states in the agent event stream

There are different events that can appear in the lifecycle of a contact. Each of these events appear in the agent event stream as a State. A contact can have the following states that appear in the agent event stream:

  • INCOMING - This is specific to queued callbacks. The agent is presented with a callback.

  • PENDING - This is specific to queued callbacks.

  • CONNECTING - An inbound contact is being offered to the agent (it's ringing). The agent has not yet taken any action to accept or reject the contact, and they haven't missed it.

  • CONNECTED - The agent has accepted the contact. Now the customer is in a conversation with the agent.

  • CONNECTED_ONHOLD - They are in a conversation with the agent, and the agent has put the customer on hold.

  • MISSED - The contact was missed by the agent.

  • ERROR - This appears when, for example, the customer abandons the call during outbound whisper.

  • ENDED - The conversation has ended, and the agent has started doing ACW for that contact.

Here's what the contact state looks like in the agent event stream:

"Contacts": [ { "Channel": "VOICE", //This shows the agent and contact were talking on the phone. "ConnectedToAgentTimestamp": "2019-05-25T18:55:21.011Z", "ContactId": "ContactId-1", //This shows the agent was working with a contact identified as "ContactId-1". "InitialContactId": null, "InitiationMethod": "OUTBOUND", //This shows the agent reached the customer by making an outbound call. "Queue": { "ARN": "arn:aws:connect:us-east-1:012345678901:instance/aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-111111111111/queue/queue-ARN-for-BasicQueue", }, "QueueTimestamp": null, "State": "CONNECTED", //Here's the contact state. In this case, it shows the contact was CONNECTED to the agent, instead of say, MISSED. "StateStartTimestamp": "2019-05-25T18:55:21.011Z" //This shows when the contact was connected to the agent. } ]

Events in the contact trace record (CTR)

A contact trace record (CTR) captures events associated with the contact in your contact center. For example, how long the contact lasted, when it started and stopped. For a list of all data that's captured in the CTR, see Contact trace records (CTR) data model.

A CTR is opened for a customer when they are connected to your contact center. The CTR is completed when the interaction with the contact flow or agent ends. This means it's possible for a customer to have multiple CTRs.

The following diagram shows when a CTR is created for a contact.

Each time a contact is connected to an agent, a new CTR is created. The CTRs for a contact are linked together through the contactId fields: original, next, and previous.