Troubleshoot issues with message streaming - Amazon Connect

Troubleshoot issues with message streaming

Messages are not getting published to SNS

When this happens, we recommend checking the information in Step 1: Create a standard SNS topic:

  • Make sure you are using standard SNS and not Amazon SNS FIFO (first in, first out). Currently, the message streaming APIs support only standard SNS for real-time streaming of messages.

  • Make sure an SNS resource-based permission is applied correctly in your account.

    • If server-side encryption is enabled, you need to give the same Amazon Connect service principal permission for encrypt and decrypt.

Contact flow doesn't start

If you're using the message streaming APIs in place of websockets, send a connection acknowledgment event; see Step 4: Create the participant connection. This is synonymous to connecting to websocket. The contact flow begins only after that the connection acknowledgement event.

Call CreateParticipantConnection after StartContactStreaming to mark Customer as connected; see Step 3: Enable message streaming on the contact. This ensures messages are sent after you have confirmed that the customer is ready to receive them.

Issue not resolved?

If after trying the previous solutions you still have issues with message streaming, contact AWS Support for help.

Amazon Connect admininstrators can choose one of the following options to contact support:

It is helpful to provide the following information: