Step 2: Create an instance - Amazon Connect

Step 2: Create an instance

  1. On the Amazon Connect virtual contact center instances page, choose Add an instance.

  2. On the Set identity page, in the Access URL box, type a unique name for your instance. For example, the following image shows mytest10089 as a name. Choose a different name for your instance. Then choose Next.

    The set identity page, the Access URL box.
  3. On the Add administrator page, add a new administrator account for Amazon Connect. Use this account to log in to your instance later using the unique access URL. Choose Next.

    The add administrator page, the username and password boxes.
    1. The user name will be your Amazon Connect login. It's case sensitive.

    2. The password must be between 8-64 characters, and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

  4. On the Set telephony page, accept the default settings to allow incoming and outgoing calls. Choose Next.

    The set telephony page, telephony options section.
  5. On the Data storage page, accept the default settings and choose Next.

    The default settings for storing data and flow logs, enable customer profiles option.
  6. On the Review and create page, choose Create instance.

    The review and create page, the create instance button.
  7. After the instance is created, choose Get started.

    The Amazon Connect instances page, the Getting started button in the top right corner.
  8. On the Welcome to Amazon Connect page, choose Skip for now.

    The Welcome to Amazon Connect page, the Skip for now link.
  9. You're now on the Amazon Connect dashboard. Your instance name (also called an alias) displays in the URL. On the left is the navigation menu.

    The Amazon Connect dashboard page.
    1. Your instance alias is located in the first part of the URL.

    2. The navigation menu.

Congratulations! You set up your instance and now you're on the Amazon Connect dashboard. Go to Step 3: Claim a phone number.