Upgrade to the latest CCP - Amazon Connect

Upgrade to the latest CCP

The URL for the latest Contact Control Panel (CCP) ends with ccp-v2

You only need to upgrade to the latest CCP if you're using one the following options:

If you’re still unsure whether your using the latest CCP, go to Compare the earlier and latest CCP to see if your CCP looks like the latest one.

Upgrade on your own schedule, before your automatic upgrade date

To upgrade to the latest CCP before your automatic upgrade date, use the steps in the following sections:

Upgrade later, automatically

If you don't want to upgrade now, you can choose to wait until your scheduled upgrade date.

Between now and your scheduled upgrade date, we recommend the following change management steps:

  • Compare how the upgraded CCP differs from the earlier one. For side-by-side visuals, see Compare the earlier and latest CCP.

  • Upgrade your CCP in a test environment. Use the latest CCP to learn how it's different, and to check your configurations.

  • Communicate to your agents when the upgrade is going to take place.

  • Train your agents to help them get ready.

You can see communications about your auto-upgrade date in the Personal Health Dashboard.