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Views are UI templates that you can use to customize your agent's workspace. For example, you can use views to display contact attributes to an agent, provide forms for entering disposition codes, provide call notes, and present UI pages for walking agents through step-by-step guides.

Amazon Connect includes a set of views that you can add your agent’s workspace, and you can also create your own views using our public APIs.

When configuring views in flows using the Show view block, you can define both static and dynamic content for each view. The content for a specific view is composed of three key elements: a template, an input schema, and actions.


For the best data mapping experience, we recommend using the Set JSON option in the Show view block. All namespaces in flows can be referenced in the Show View block, including $.External, so you will be able to share data from external systems to your agent in whichever view you create. You can mix and match data from Amazon Connect and other sources in order to create a consolidated UI for your agent.