Flow block: Show view (Preview) - Amazon Connect

Flow block: Show view (Preview)

This is prerelease documentation for a service in preview release. It is subject to change.


This block is used to configure UI based workflows that you can surface to users in front end applications. In particular, you can use this block to create step-by-step guides for your agents in the Amazon Connect agent workspace.

To use this block, first select a View resource from a drop-down menu and then map data to the different fields in the View’s schema. With this block you can use the Set JSON mapping option which lets you pass in entire JSON objects. For more details on the different available View templates, see View resource (Preview).

Supported channels

The following table lists how this block routes a contact who is using the specified channel.

Channel Supported?







Flow types

You can use this block in the following contact flow types:

  • All flow types

For the best building experience we recommend the contact flow type.


Properties are dynamically populated depending on the View resource that is selected. Below is one example of the different properties.

Configured block

When this block is configured, it will look similar to the image below.