Create and edit a fraudster watchlist - Amazon Connect

Create and edit a fraudster watchlist

To create and edit a fraudster watchlist, invoke the StartFraudsterRegistrationJob API for batch registration of fraudsters.

To add speakers the fraudster watchlist programmatically, pass the following data to the API:

  1. The domain ID to specify the domain to associate recordings to.

  2. An input file containing a list of fraudsters. See Input and output file schema for Fraudster Registration Job.

  3. The location for output file.

  4. A KMS key to use when writing the output.

  5. A role that Voice ID can assume. It must have access to the S3 bucket where the audio files are stored. This role must have access to any KMS key used to encrypt the files. It must also be able to write to the specified output location and use the KMS key requested for writing the output. Specifically, it must have the following permissions:

    • s3:GetObject on the input bucket.

    • s3:PutObject on the output bucket.

    • kms:Decrypt on the KMS key used for input bucket’s default encryption.

    • kms:Decrypt and kms:GenerateDataKey on the KMS key provided in the input which will be used for writing output file to the output bucket.

    You must have iam:PassRole permissions when making the call and providing the dataAccessRole. To enable confused deputy protection for the dataAccessRole, see Amazon Connect Voice ID cross-service confused deputy prevention.

  6. The threshold for establishing the duplicate status of fraudsters.

  7. A flag to ignore fraudster duplicates.

Voice ID updates the fraudster list with successful additions, and return a GeneratedFraudsterID associated with entry back to the same S3 location. If duplicates are identified, Voice ID returns a "duplicate" status for the entry and provides the closest matching GeneratedFraudsterId.

Voice ID is not able to perform detection of fraudsters in a watchlist before the fraudster list is created.

For quotas for the fraudster list, see Amazon Connect service quotas.


You are charged for adding to the fraudster list. For more information, see Amazon Connect Voice ID Pricing.