The manifest file - AWS Control Tower

The manifest file

The manifest.yaml file is a text file that describes your AWS resources. The following example shows the structure of the manifest file.

--- region: String version: 2021-03-15 resources: #set of CloudFormation resources or SCP policies ...

As shown in the previous code example, the first two lines of the manifest file specify the values of the region and the version keywords. Here are the definitions of those keywords.

region – A text string for the AWS Control Tower default Region. This value must be a valid AWS Region name (such as us-east-1, eu-west-1, or ap-southeast-1). The AWS Control Tower home Region is the default when you create custom AWS Control Tower resources (such as AWS CloudFormation StackSets), unless a more resource-specific Region is specified.


version – The manifest schema version number. The latest supported version is 2021-03-15.

version: 2021-03-15

We strongly recommend you use the latest version. To update manifest properties in the latest version, refer to Manifest version upgrades.

The next keyword shown in the previous example is the resources keyword. The resources section of the manifest file is highly structured. It contains a detailed list of AWS resources, which will be deployed automatically by the CfCT pipeline. These descriptions of resources and their available parameters are given in the next section.