Downloads for Amazon Corretto 8 - Amazon Corretto 8

Downloads for Amazon Corretto 8

This topic lists all the downloads available for Amazon Corretto 8. You can choose Permanent URLs pointing to the latest version, or use Version Specific URLs which point to a specific version.

Amazon Corretto 8 Permanent URLs

Permanent URLs always point to the most recent release of a package. For example, to retrieve the latest Linux Corretto 8 .tgz package by using a Permanent URL, run the following command from the CLI:


You can also run the following curl command.

curl -LO

Note: Permanent URL's are redirected (HTTP 302) to actual artifact's URL.

These links can be used in scripts to pull the latest version of Amazon Corretto 8.

Platform Type Download Link Checksum (MD5) Checksum (SHA256) Sig File Pub
Linux x64 JDK
Linux aarch64 JDK
Windows x64 JDK
Windows x86 JDK
macOS x64 JDK
macOS aarch64 JDK
Alpine Linux x64 JDK
Alpine Linux aarch64 JDK
Amazon Linux 2 x64 JDK

Amazon Linux 2 aarch64 JDK

Amazon Linux 2023 x64 JDK

Amazon Linux 2023 aarch64 JDK



Notice that the above links follow this format:[latest/latest_checksum]/amazon-corretto-[corretto_version]-[cpu_arch]-[os]-[package_type].[file_extension]

Signature Verification

The public key to verify the SIGNATURE file can be downloaded here

Versioned Downloads

For versioned downloads and earlier versions, see Corretto-8 Releases on GitHub.

Change Logs

For change logs, see Corretto-8 Change logs on Github.