AWS Certificate Manager - AWS cryptography services

AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Certificate Manager is a PKI service that handles the complexity of creating and managing public SSL/TLS certificates for your AWS based websites and applications. These public certificates verify the identity and authenticity of your web server and the ownership of your public keys. In doing so, public certificates initiate a trusted, encrypted connection between you and your users. You can also use ACM in conjunction with AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority to create and manage private certificates, which can be used to authenticate the identity of internal organization entities. Certificates in ACM, whether generated in ACM or imported from a third-party authority, can secure multiple domain names and multiple names within a domain. You can also use ACM to create wildcard SSL certificates that can protect an unlimited number of subdomains.

You can use ACM to perform a variety of PKI-related tasks, including the generation, validation, renewal, maintenance, and deletion of public and private certificates. For more information about ACM, see the AWS ACM User Guide.