Creating data exports - AWS Data Exports

Creating data exports

You can use the Data Exports page in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console to create data exports of three different types: standard exports, cost and usage dashboard exports, and legacy exports. You can create up to five CUR 2.0 exports and two Cost and Usage Dashboard exports for an individual AWS account. For more information, see Quotas and restrictions.

Set up an export in minutes by either creating an export in the console and selecting the table you want to export, or creating an export in the AWS SDK/CLI and defining an SQL query of column selections and row filters from the data table you want.

When creating an export in the console, you can create an Amazon S3 bucket for your data export storage. When creating an export in the AWS SDK/CLI, you need to create an Amazon S3 bucket with the correct bucket policy in advance. For more information, see Setting up an Amazon S3 bucket for data exports.

Once you create a new data export, Data Exports starts to export the data to the Amazon S3 bucket.


It can take up to 24 hours for AWS to start delivering exports to your Amazon S3 bucket. Once delivery starts, AWS refreshes the export output in your S3 bucket at least once a day. The actual refresh rate may be different due to various factors.