Release Notes and Document History for NICE DCV - NICE DCV

Release Notes and Document History for NICE DCV

This page provides the release notes and document history for NICE DCV.

NICE DCV Release Notes

This section describes NICE DCV features, improvements, and bug fixes by release date.

DCV 2020.1-9012— August 24, 2020

Build numbers Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 9012

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7342

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1910

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 1545

  • nice-xdcv: 338

  • nice-dcv-gl: 840

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 246

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 111

  • Fixed Amazon S3 access in AWS GovCloud Region

  • Web-based client improvements

DCV 2020.1-8942— August 03, 2020

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 8942

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7342

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1910

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 1545

  • nice-xdcv: 338

  • nice-dcv-gl: 840

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 246

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 111

  • The Linux NICE DCV server now supports AWS Graviton2-based Arm instances, such as M6g, C6g, and R6g. For more information, see AWS Graviton Processor.

  • Support for RHEL 8.x and CentOS 8.x on Linux NICE DCV server.

  • Added support for printer redirection when using a Windows NICE DCV server and the Windows NICE DCV client.

  • Added stylus support with pressure sensitivity on macOS and Linux native NICE DCV client.

  • Added surround sound 5.1 support for Linux NICE DCV server and Linux NICE DCV client.

  • Added touch screen support for Linux NICE DCV native client.

  • You can now associate a custom name to a NICE DCV session.

  • Support for hardware accelerated decoding and rendering on the macOS native NICE DCV client.

  • Added support for the new NICE DCV Virtual Display driver on Amazon EC2 instances that don't have a GPU.

  • Resolved the issue that caused visual artifacts as a result of colorspace conversion when using the NVENC encoder.

  • The dcv list-sessions command now always includes the console session, if one is present

  • On newer Linux distributions, the agent for console sessions is now started as part of the desktop session to better support newer display managers, such as GDM3.

  • Native clients now automatically open when activating a URL with the dcv:// scheme.

  • Improved how the macOS native client and web client handle keyboard modifiers.

  • Improved visual and fbconfig selection in DCV-GL to improve support for some applications.

  • Reduced CPU usage during file transfer

  • Improved WebGL rendering in the web browser client to reduce resource usage.

DCV 2020.0-8428 — April 16, 2020

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 8428

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7238

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1716

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 1358

  • nice-xdcv: 296

  • nice-dcv-gl: 759

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 229

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 87

  • Stylus and touch support on Linux server.

  • Surround sound 7.1 playback on Windows server to Windows native client.

  • Hardware acceleration and stylus support on Linux native client.

  • New API command to set display layout on server side.

  • Multi-monitor web client support on the Microsoft Edge browser (version 79.0.309 or later).

  • The toolbar grip on the Windows client can now be hidden while in full screen mode.

  • NTLM proxy support on Windows native client.

  • Improved support for Windows headless physical hosts using NVIDIA adapters.

  • Removed support for the legacy NVIDIA NvIFR library.

  • Added support for Windows Graphic Capture API on latest Windows 10.

  • Added support for Amazon EC2

    Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) v2 on EC2 instances.

  • DCV CLI provides new on-client-connected/disconnected commands to detect when a client connects or disconnects from a session.

  • Added support for specifying the host name to bind certificates for the external authenticator.

  • DCV-GL now uses the GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library (GLvnd) on systems that support it.

DCV 2019.1-7644 — October 24, 2019

Build numbers Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 7644

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7114

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1535

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 1124

  • nice-xdcv: 226

  • nice-dcv-gl: 544

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 220

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 77

  • Fixed an issue in the integration API used by NICE EnginFrame and other session managers.

  • Fixed an issue with the 32-bit version of the Windows native client.

DCV 2019.1-7423 — September 10, 2019

Build numbers Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 7423

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7087

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1535

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 1124

  • nice-xdcv: 226

  • nice-dcv-gl: 544

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 220

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 77

  • Improved security for DCV server on Windows.

  • Fixed a rendering problem with Autodesk Maya on Linux.

  • Added improvements and bug fixes related to keyboard handling.

DCV 2019.0-7318 — August 5, 2019

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 7318

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 7059

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1530

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 968

  • nice-xdcv: 224

  • nice-dcv-gl: 529

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 218

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 72

  • Multiple monitor support on Web client.

  • Stylus input support on Windows Server 2019.

  • Audio in/out on macOS and Linux native clients.

  • Enhanced clipboard capability on Linux server (middle-click paste).

  • Touch input on Windows now respects the pressure value when available.

  • Improved behavior on systems that have heterogeneous graphic adapters on Windows.

  • Reduced time required to detect inactive connections (for example, in response to changes from wired to Wi-Fi networks on the client).

  • Reduced logging when the cursor icon cannot be captured on Linux.

  • Support for disabling the Composite extension in the virtual sessions Xdcv component.

  • Ability to set a limit on the number of concurrent virtual sessions.

  • Improved compatibility of scripts with systems that have Bash 5 installed.

  • Autodetect and use OpenGL and GLES for rendering on the Linux client.

  • Updated DCV-GL on-screen buffer when the visibility of a GL window changes.

  • Fixed mouse wheel detection in the Windows client on Windows 7.

  • Fixed a problem that caused the Windows client to fail when loading libraries on some Windows 7 systems.

  • Improved printing on the Windows client when printing documents with landscape orientation.

DCV 2017.4-6898 — April 16, 2019

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 6898

  • nice-dcv-client (Windows): 6969

  • nice-dcv-viewer (MacOS): 1376

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 804

  • nice-xdcv: 210

  • nice-dcv-gl: 490

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 216

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 70

  • New native client for macOS.

  • The Windows native client now uses hardware acceleration for decoding and rendering, if it is available in the system.

  • The dcv command line tool now uses the same options and output format on both Windows and Linux.

  • The dcv command line tool now reports information about licenses.

  • Clients now show a warning to the user before disconnection due to inactivity.

  • Improved support for keyboard combinations that use multiple modifiers.

  • Improved robustness of the interaction with the Reprise License Manager for communication failures.

  • The dcvusers command line tool now defaults to saving data to the dcv user home directory on Linux.

  • Followed the same ordering used by the nvidia-smi tool when using the NVENC hardware encoder with multiple GPUs on Linux.

  • The Linux client now receives and handles printed files from the Windows DCV printer.

DCV 2017.3-6698 — February 24, 2019

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 6698

  • nice-dcv-client: 5946

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 683

  • nice-xdcv: 207

  • nice-dcv-gl: 471

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 210

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 66

  • Added support for Kerberos (GSSAPI) authentication.

  • Added support for touch events on Windows versions that support it.

  • Automatically unlock Windows sessions when using system authentication (Windows Credential Provider).

  • Added an option to opt in to Y'UV444 encoding.

  • The EL6 RPM now includes the NVENC encoder module.

  • Windows system authentication now accepts the name@domain format.

  • Yubikey USB devices are now added to the allow list.

  • Improved Japanese keyboard support.

  • Input authorization permissions are more fine-grained. Added pointer permission to handle virtual cursors. Relative mouse mode depends on mouse (for motion injection) and pointer (for motion feedback). Added keyboard-sas permission to handle SAS on Windows ( Control+Alt+ Del). keyboardsas depends on keyboard permission.

  • Fixed a problem with empty clipboard events in the Web client on browsers that support the async clipboard API.

  • Fixed a race on the capture module that prevented clients from receiving the first frame.

  • Improvements to handling of concurrent file storage transfers.

  • Fixed NvIFR on Windows with newer NVIDIA drivers. New drivers changed behavior. The driver version is now detected automatically and memory handling is performed accordingly.

  • Never stop retrying re-acquiring a RLM license token. This allows you to recover from a licensing error state even after extended time periods.

  • In Windows client, added an option to set full screen keyboard shortcut.

  • In Windows client, improved auto-fit logic when dragging window across multiple monitors.

  • In Windows client, fixed the prompt-reconnect option when disconnection is not triggered by UI.

  • Fixed DCV-GL incompatibility with NVIDIA driver 410.xx.

  • Fixed regressions in DCV-GL with the Matlab and Blender applications.

DCV 2017.2-6182 — October 8, 2018

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 6182

  • nice-dcv-client: 5890

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 503

  • nice-xdcv: 180

  • nice-dcv-gl: 427

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 201

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 58

  • Added audio playback support on Linux virtual sessions.

  • Improved smart card performance.

  • Added file transfer support on the Linux client.

  • Improvements and bug fixes related to keyboard handling.

  • Changing the log level in the configuration no longer requires a server restart.

  • The Windows server installer now skips installation of Microsoft C runtime redistributable if it is already installed.

  • When running on EC2, if accessing S3 for the license fails, a notification is displayed in the user interface.

  • The Linux dcv command line tool now supports list-connections and describe-session sub-commands and includes an option to emit JSON output.

  • Added a cuda-devices setting in the display section, which configures the server to distribute NVENC encoding over different CUDA devices.

  • Improved robustness of session creation code when handling multiple concurrent commands.

  • Increased the default clipboard limit to 20 MB.

  • The Windows client now detects legacy .dcv files and launches the DCV 2016 Endstation (if installed).

  • The DCV simple external authenticator now always uses the system Python interpreter instead of the one set in the environment.

  • Improved the read-back strategy of DCV-GL for improved performance and robustness.

  • DCV-GL now checks if a window changed size after a front buffer readback. This fixes a rendering problem with the Coot application.

DCV 2017.1-5870 — August 6, 2018

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 5870

  • nice-dcv-client: 5813

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 450

  • nice-xdcv: 170

  • nice-dcv-gl: 366

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 198

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 53

Released package for Ubuntu 18.04. When working in console mode, the system must be configured to use LightDM or another display manager of your choice because GDM does not expose the required X11 display information. Virtual sessions are not affected by this limitation.

  • The license setting is now read at session creation, which allows the administrator to change this setting without restarting the server.

  • Resolved stability problem in the Windows client that caused the program to exit unexpectedly on some systems.

  • Reduced logging in a possible error condition.

DCV 2017.1-5777 — June 29, 2018

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 5777

  • nice-dcv-client: 5777

  • nice-dcv-viewer (Linux): 438

  • nice-xdcv: 166

  • nice-dcv-gl: 366

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 189

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 51

  • Added a Linux native client.

  • Added support for 3DConnexion mouses and USB storage devices.

  • Windows session locked automatically when the last client disconnects.

  • Performance improvements in the Linux version.

  • Changed the default HW encoder on NVIDIA devices to NVENC to avoid problems with NvIFR in new NVIDIA drivers.

  • Improved smart card support on Linux.

  • Fixed file permissions for uploaded files when using Linux console sessions.

DCV 2017.0-5600 — June 4, 2018

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 5600

  • nice-dcv-client: 5600

  • nice-xdcv: 160

  • nice-dcv-gl: 279

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 184

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 48

  • Added support for multiple monitors on Linux.

  • Windows client performance improvements.

  • Used new Clipboard API on Chrome 66+.

  • Added NVENC encoder for Windows.

  • Usage on EC2 now requires ability to reach S3 from the instance running DCV server.

  • Performance improvements to server frame processing and Windows client decoding.

  • Fixed keyboard issues related to NumPad and blocked modifiers.

  • Prevent file descriptor leak when using an external authenticator on Linux.

  • Fixed possible errors in smart card connection.

DCV 2017.0-5121 — March 18, 2018

Build numbers New features Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 5121

  • nice-dcv-client: 5121

  • nice-xdcv: 146

  • nice-dcv-gl: 270

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 184

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 46

  • Windows native client is now DPI aware.

  • Added support for relative mouse movement mode.

  • Prevent hang on Ansys cfx5solve on Linux.

  • Fixed possible agent hang on Windows 10.

  • Improvements for the Web Client user interface.

  • Normalized Windows user name when a domain is specified.

  • Fixed the external authenticator on RHEL6.

DCV 2017.0-4334 — January 24, 2018

Build numbers Changes and bug fixes
  • nice-dcv-server: 4334

  • nice-dcv-client: 4334

  • nice-xdcv: 137

  • nice-dcv-gl: 254

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 184

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 45

  • Improved keyboard handling.

  • Fixed DBus problem on RHEL6 in which closing of a session does not allow the creation of a new one.

  • Improved support for SOCKS5 proxy on the native client.

  • Prevent crash on Headwave when running on virtual sessions.

  • Prevent crash on Chimera when running on virtual sessions.

  • Improved font support on virtual sessions.

DCV 2017.0-4100 — December 18, 2017

Build numbers
  • nice-dcv-server: 4100

  • nice-dcv-client: 4100

  • nice-xdcv: 118

  • nice-dcv-gl: 229

  • nice-dcv-gltest: 158

  • nice-dcv-ext-authenticator: 35

Document History

The following table describes the documentation for this release of NICE DCV.

Change Description Date
NICE DCV Version 2020.1 NICE DCV 2020.1 is now available. For more information, see DCV 2020.1-8942— August 03, 2020. August 03, 2020
NICE DCV Version 2020.0 NICE DCV 2020.0 includes support for surround sound 7.1, touch and stylus, and multi-monitor using the new Microsoft Edge browser. For more information, see Installing the NICE DCV Server in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide. April 16, 2020
HTTP response headers The NICE DCV server can be configured to send additional HTTP response headers. August 26, 2019
macOS client NICE DCV now offers a macOS client. For more information, see macOS Client in the NICE DCV User Guide. April 18, 2019
Smart card caching The NICE DCV server can now cache smart card data received from the client to help improve performance. For more information, see Configuring Smart Card Caching in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide. October 08, 2018
Linux client NICE DCV offers Linux clients for RHEL 7, CentOS 7, SLES 12, and Ubuntu 16.04/18.04. For more information, see Linux Client in the NICE DCV User Guide. August 29, 2018
Updated Parameter Reference The Parameter Reference has been updated. For more information, see NICE DCV Server Parameter Reference in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide. August 07, 2018
USB remotization NICE DCV enables clients to use specialized USB devices, such as 3D pointing devices or graphic tablets. For more information, see Enabling USB Remotization in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide. August 07, 2018
Initial release of NICE DCV First publication of this content. June 05, 2018