User Guide

macOS Client

The NICE DCV macOS client is supported on Apple Mac computers only. The macOS client is a standalone application that runs natively on the macOS operating system.

The macOS client is installed using a .dmg software package.


The macOS client requires macOS High Sierra or later.

The macOS client must be able to connect to the NICE DCV server. It must also be able to communicate over the required port (8443 by default).


The macOS client has the following limitations:

  • It does not support USB remotization.

Installing the macOS Client

To use the macOS client on your computer, you must first install it.

To install the macOS client

  1. Download the macOS client installer.

  2. Run the downloaded .dmgfile.

    If you get an error stating that the application cannot be installed because it is from an unidentified developer, visit the Safely open apps on your Mac web page for more information.

  3. Click and drag the file to the Applications folder.

  4. (Optional) For easy access, create a desktop shortcut or add the application to the dock.