User Guide


NICE DCV enables you to print content from the NICE DCV session. The content is exported to a printable file by a virtual NICE DCV printer. The type of printable file created by the virtual printer depends on the client that you're using.

  • If you are using the Windows, Linux, or macOS client, the virtual printer creates a .PDF file.

  • If you are using the web browser client with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari, the virtual printer creates a .PDF file.

  • If you are using the web browser client with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, the virtual printer creates an .XPF file.

After the file has been created by the virtual printer, you can download it to your local computer using the client.

You must be authorized to use this feature. If you are not authorized, the functionality is not available in the client.

Printing is only supported with sessions hosted on a Windows NICE DCV server.

To print content from the session

  1. In the client, open the Print window.

  2. In the Print window, choose DCV Printer, Print.


    A notification appears when the file is ready for download.

  3. In the top-right corner, choose Notifications, locate the Print notification in the list, and then choose Download.

    • If you are using the web browser client, after the download has completed, choose Show in folder.

    • If you are using the Windows client, the printer dialog is automatically opened when the file is downloaded.

    • If you are using the Linux or macOS clients, the downloaded file is automatically opened with the default associated application.


    The file is deleted from the NICE DCV server after you have downloaded it, and it is no longer available for download.