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Deadline Cloud jobs

A job is a set of instructions that AWS Deadline Cloud uses to schedule and run work on available workers. When you create a job, you choose the farm and queue to send the job to. You also provide a JSON or YAML file that provides the instructions for workers to process. Deadline Cloud accepts job templates that follow the Open Job Description (OpenJD) specification for describing jobs. For more information, see the Open Job Description Documentation on the GitHub website.

A job consists of:

  • Steps – Defines the script to run on workers. Steps can have requirements such as minimum worker memory or other steps that need to complete first. Each step has one or more tasks.

  • Tasks – A unit of work sent to a worker to perform. A task is a combination of a step's script and parameters, such as frame number, that are used in the script. The job is complete when all tasks are complete for all steps.

  • Environments – Set up and tear down instructions shared by multiple steps or tasks.

You can create a job in any of the following ways:

A submitter is a plugin for your digital content creation (DCC) software that manages creating a job in the interface to your DCC software. After you create the job, you use the submitter to send it to Deadline Cloud for processing. Behind the scenes, the submitter creates an OpenJD job template that describes the job. At the same time, it uploads your asset files to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. To reduce the time it takes to send files, only files that have changed since the last time you uploaded files are sent to Amazon S3.

To create your own scripts and pipelines to submit jobs to Deadline Cloud, you can use the Deadline Cloud CLI, the AWS SDK, or the AWS CLI to call operations to create, get, view, and list jobs. The following topics explain how to use the Deadline Cloud CLI.

The Deadline Cloud CLI is installed along with the Deadline Cloud submitter. For more information, see Set up Deadline Cloud submitters.