Managing budgets and usage for Deadline Cloud - AWS Deadline Cloud

Managing budgets and usage for Deadline Cloud

To help you manage costs for AWS Deadline Cloud, you can use the following features:

  • Budget manager – With the Deadline Cloud budget manager, you can create and edit budgets to help manage project costs.

  • Usage explorer –With the Deadline Cloud usage explorer, you can view how many AWS resources are used and the estimated costs for those resources.


The costs displayed in the usage explorer are approximate. Use them as a guide for managing your resources.

  • The cost that is displayed in usage explorer is instance compute time multiplied by compute instance rate. The compute instance rates are based on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) prices that are available on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing. Rates are specific to the AWS Region, instance type, and in some cases, operating system. For example, assume that you had 200 hours of m5.xlarge spot instances in the US West (Oregon) with a Linux-based system. In that example, the cost that displays in the usage explorer is approximate and based on the public-facing hourly rate listed on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing).

  • Usage explorer includes approximate third-party license cost based on public pricing base rates.

  • There may be other costs from using other connected AWS resources (such as Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, and other services) that are not accounted for in usage explorer.